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Latest Dental Techonology - Get Fixed Teeth in a Day - No more Waiting !!

Teeth Replaced in a Day
NO Surgery required
Simple Painless Procedure
Looks & Feels Natural
NO drilling your natural Teeth
Economical & Affordable
Flapless & Painless Procedure
Lifetime Warranty

Teeth in a Day – No More Dentures

  • Have you struggled for years with a loose or uncomfortable denture?
  • Are you worried and are hanging onto wobbly, loose teeth because you want to avoid having to wear dentures?

Now we have the answer: With Teeth in a Day you can arrive at the clinic, with your denture or missing teeth, and leave that evening with a confident new smile, a full set of your very own fixed teeth!

How Teeth in a Day works ?

You arrive at Dental Spa, first thing in the morning on the day. Any problem teeth are removed and specialized dental implants are gently placed. Our in-house dental laboratory will then make your new teeth while you relax. Later in the evening, your new teeth are fitted securely in place. You can enjoy dinner that same evening with new, fixed, solid teeth.

An Overview

Teeth in a day is entirely comfortable, from start to finish. When you arrive at the clinic, our friendly team will make sure you are relaxed and worry-free for the duration of your time with us. We use an effective sedative to ensure you are relaxed and so you don’t feel any discomfort. The implants are gently placed and this unique procedure allows us carry out the entire process in one day, meaning less down-time and you.

On the day of your consultation, you will be given a full, printed and fully costed treatment plan. This procedure is painless and some cases may be partially covered by your health insurance. If you would like to know more about the procedure or wish to inquire about finance options, get in touch with our lovely reception team and we’ll do our best to answer any questionsClick here to book your Appointment Online.

Call us on +91-9537973737 and come in for a consultation where you will find out more about the procedure and to see how this kind of procedure will benefit your life, call our team now for your Teeth in a Day consultation.

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