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How can we charge Less than other Clinics?

Most of the Dental clinics charge additional fees above and beyond standard fees for nitrous oxide administration or anesthetics and missed appointments. Most offices (64%) said the additional charges “help pay for extra time or equipment/materials.” Some dentists, established and just starting out, are more focused on making money than patient care.

The cost of a dental implant treatment largely depends on the volume of Dental implants a dentist places. Since at Dental Spa, our Dental Implant dentists place such a large volume of Dental implants, which simply means that we get preferential rates from our suppliers that we then pass on to our patients. 

We do not encourage any kind of extra or unnecessary treatment to our patients !!

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  • Location Near Airport
Most Affordable Treatment
Little to no Wait Time
Friendly Doctors
Comfortable Office
Laser Dentistry
Free Consultation
Satisfaction Guarantee
Modern Equipment
High-Quality Materials
Digital 3D X-Ray
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