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LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

Advantages of Laser in Dentistry

  • Do not require anesthesia, so quicker and simple are the procedures.
  • No bleeding, no infection, No sutures, no pain and swelling and hence faster wound healing.
  • Less overall chair side time.
  • Adjoining tissues are protected from damage.
  • Quieter and less fatigue for dentist, staff and patient.
  •  Full range of high precision safe hard and soft tissue treatments available.

Dental Spa has always been a pioneer in bringing innovative technologies. We have introduced Diode Dental Laser, the latest tool in our modern clinic. We believe in giving our patients, the world best treatment options with the latest equipments and promise to continue the same.

Laser Dentistry is an advanced system and well established in dentistry in developed countries and it is extremely useful in various dental conditions. We consider Laser Technology as a boon to Dentistry and our special emphasis on Laser Assisted Treatments is putting us on the forefront of Dentistry World.

Laser Dental services Provided  by us
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